Clara Jonas Illustration & Design




My name is Clara Jonas, and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and brushlettering artist living in Cornwall, UK. Or trying to be.

I believe in working with people I like, and liking the work I do. Working with businesses and people that believe in cultivating sustainable lifestyles rooted in balance and creativity are what makes me happy. Not taking yourself too seriously is a plus too.

Creativity is an inherent part of me and something that I bring to every aspect of my life, just as I draw upon aspects of my life and experiences for inspiration. Particularly with the lifestyle I have been so lucky to have in Cornwall.

For me, design and illustrations should be curious and authentic.

Easy on the eye is always good too.



‘The Cruel and Curious Sea II- Hinterland’ / group exhibition / Stowe Barton, England / September 2014

Bristol Surf Film Festival / group exhibition / Bristol, England / October 2015

‘The Cruel and Curious III- Sanctuary’ / group exhibition / Stowe Barton, England / September 2016

‘The Cruel and Curious Sea IIV’ / group exhibition / Stowe Barton, England / September 2018


Selected Clients.

Wavelength Surf Magazine

Origin Coffee

Surf Sistas

Women and Waves